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About SocialAdz

Post instagram story campaigns of popular brands and earn money!

You're in control

You decide which campaign from which brand you want to join.

No surprises

All details including the actual commission amount can be viewed in advance.

Quick processes

Automated processes and precise specifications instead of lengthy email correspondence.

Make the most of your reach

SocialAdz is the perfect add-on for any successful Instagram account!

Take full advantage of your reach on Instagram by showcasing cool offers and products from well-known brands to your followers.

Joining campaigns has never been easier

All you have to do is install the App and log in. As soon as we find suitable campaigns for you, we will inform you automatically!

Your earnings is calculated in advance based on your insights. You can view all relevant details in a matter of seconds and decide whether or not you want to join a campaign. Easy-peasy!

Tailor-made quality campaigns

All campaigns offered on SocialAdz are high quality and optimized for Instagram.

We use sophisticated algorithms to filter campaigns that are great match for you and your target audience.


The following screenshots provide you with a small insight into the process. It has never been easier to participate in Instagram campaigns.


Some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • Do I have to pay to use SocialAdz?
    No, influencers can use the SocialAdz App for free. Only after you have successfully finished a CPM campaign will we deduct a small fee of 5% from your profit.
  • After the installation, I am asked to upload my Insights. Why do you need them?
    We need your insights so that we can get an accurate picture of your user base. With this data we can find out which campaigns suit you best and accurately calculate your compensation.
  • Does my Instagram account need to have a certain minimum reach so that I can sign up?
    We do not set a hard minimum limit, but since your reach is directly proportional to your potential earnings, participation is usually only worthwhile with several thousand followers or more. Keep in mind that most campaigns are based on SwipeUp links, and to use them you need at least 10k followers on Instagram.
  • The app is only showing me a few available campaigns or none at all! Uygulamada hiç veya sadece az sayıda kampanya bulunmaktadır!
    Since we only assign campaigns to you if they're a good fit for you and your target audience, it is possible that no campaigns will be offered to you at times. Don't worry - as soon as we have suitable campaigns for you, we will inform you via email and push notification! So it's enough to just have SocialAdz installed.
  • Do I have to select a provided image in the campaign or can I use my own content?
    Both are possible: As an influencer you can choose between prepared images as well as your own content. However, if you have a theme-oriented channel, you must use the provided content.
  • How do I receive my payment? Ödeme nasıl yapılmaktadır?
    Before participating in your first campaign, you will be asked to provide us with your billing and account information. After successfully finishing a campaign, you will receive a self-billing invoice and an invoice for our 5% service fee. We transfer the total amount to you within one month after the end of the campaign. If sales or leads were generated via your links, you will receive a separate collective credit note from us at the end of each month.

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